Saturday, June 25, 2016

Next steps...

It's almost two years again and the blog has been parked up for a while. The motivation for the last entries came from the completion of a couple of books and as an update, there was a fourth. This one was about the trucking in USA and took considerably more time and effort to produce. However, once again it was really satisfying to have it completed and shelved with the others. To read on a rainy day perhaps.

Time passes quickly when you stop taking notice and for the last two years we've been occupied with heading away either cycling or hiking somewhere within weekend distance of Tauranga. We upgraded our camper van last year and 'Fries', our Mitsubishi Fuso camper has made it so much easier to head away, sometimes on a Friday evening and sometimes early Saturday.  The cycling, although still very enjoyable, took a bit of a dive after a couple of injuries and as a result we started to spend more time in walking boots.  Needless to say, the appeal of the bush trails, particularly around the Kaimai Ranges has sparked an interest in seeing more of NZ by foot.  Earlier this year we walked the Heaphy track taking 5 days and making good use of the wonderful DOC huts along the way. Despite being a bit foot sore by the end of the trail we were still keen to pursue an idea that had been hatching for the last year and that is to tackle the Te Araroa trail, a continuous 3000 km walking trail and the ultimate 5 month NZ great walk.

You must be mad, some say. Maybe they are right but our current plan, based on plenty of consideration and planning, is to complete the Te Araroa trail this summer coming. I have been lucky enough to get 6 months leave without pay (they wouldn't pay me to go) and we will start 'the long walk' in early October from Cape Reinga with the goal of finishing in Bluff in March 2017.
My thoughts are to keep a Facebook page and I'm not sure about using this blog also to record the trip but will listen to any feedback.

We have the added advantage of friends Kath and Peter keeping within close proximity to us in their camper van while we are walking so we expect that they will be able to meet up with us periodically, listen to our grizzles and send son our way again. Having them handy will help where there are harbour and river crossings as they will hopefully give us a ride and we also think that we will cycle some of the road sections.

With less than 100 days to go the excitement grows and so watch this space or Facebook to hear how we get along.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

And a third......

We are on a bit of a roll with these books and so making hay while we have the time. Once I get back to work full time, which should be within the next few weeks, I'm sure the progress will slow down.
This one is about the time we spent in Australia driving road trains.

Monday, September 15, 2014

And a second book.....

This one is a photo book of the Alcoba Street, Kamo property we owned starting with what it looked like when we went to look at it with the agent, to moving in and pictures of the changes we made and the fun we had there. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wet days and bad back = a book

Well a number of wet days and a back that still prefers to be rested has resulted in us spending some time and putting together a small book of memoirs from our 1996 South Pacific cruise onboard Scot Free. Click the link below to check it out. We did it to see what it comes up like as there are potentially more stories to follow. The link does go to an ebook store (but it's free) and we have been able to download the book to ibooks to read.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coromandel weekend

We spent last weekend revisiting some favourite spots on the Coromandel Peninsular and also discovering places that we had not been to before. We left Tauranga on Friday and spent our first night at the Wentworth Valley DOC camp, a place we have been to before. Its lovely and quiet, tucked up at the end of the valley amongst the bush and we were there on our own.  On Saturday we headed north through Hikuai, Pauanui and Tairua then Hahei and Hot Water Beach before stopping for the night in a motor camp in Whitianga. Sunday we checked out Matapouri and Whangapoua then headed over the hill to Coromandel where we stopped for lunch and a quiet time in the sun at Te Kouma harbour. The spot where we both previously kept our boats moored and had many wonderful memories of weekends there with Carey and Fausett families. We stopped the night in Coromandel after buying delicious smoked mussels and scollops from Bronwyn at Coromandel Smokehouse. We called in to see Rolly and Jeanette on our way through Te Puru on Monday but missed Rolly as he was out fishing.
Literally a fantastic trip, beautiful scenery, wonderful weather and Mervan (our camper) went really well.  The photos above are in order - leaving the DOC camp in the Wentworth Valley, fishermen at Tairua, Hahei beach x2, Whitianga.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Well here we are again, off work and recovering from a fractured T12 vertebrae. A compression fracture from falling off the bike nearly 4 weeks ago.  It was a slow pace gentle ride along what turned out to be a slippery board walk. Warren fell from his bike just behind me and in doing so knocked my back wheel tipping me off onto my butt. The impact produced the fracture mentioned above.  Why again? Last November I managed a multi part fracture of my proximal humerus. These are nasty fractures and often take a year to heal but I've been crowing that the recovery has been quicker than that and was back on my bike after 12 weeks. Initially being a bit timid but latterly back to my pre-fracture confidence. I'll not crow this time.

Unfortunately this injury has meant we needed to cancel the 3 week South Island holiday that we had planned to start 26 July but we think we will probably head down there sometime around Easter next year. Looking at the weather forecast we may not have achieved much mountain biking as its been cold, wet and windy but it would have been nice to catch up with family.

This weekend we will need to crack open a wine to celebrate our 20 years together. This time 20 years ago we were sailing home from a 3 month journey to Fiji not realising that our worlds were about to change in a big way. We were home less than a week when we decided to head back to the boat 'Scot Free' and then began permanent life aboard in Auckland's Westport Marina. We both managed to get work in Auckland. Warren briefly as a caretaker for a Motel in Parnell, then as a driver with the Yellow Bus Company and I scored a Charge Nurse Manager role at Auckland City Hospital.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We went mountain biking last weekend in the Woodhill Forest with Craig and Quinn. Check out the video.