Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moved out of the swamp

We tried to move out of our current spot on Sunday as the ground appeared to be drying out and the weather forcast is for more rain. We moved about a quarter of a tyre turn and then the tyres spun in the soft slippery ground.  Stuck!  So after a discussion with the neighbour, the tractor was brought over and on Monday DREEEM was "assisted" back onto the road. We really needed a COF, an updated registration and some LPG.  Today Warren has managed the LPG but failed the COF as the man with the checkerboard noted a broken leaf spring. Apparently we need to have one made and the guy who can make and fit the thing is busy for a few weeks so we have settled down in a motorcamp just 2 kms from the hospital. Probably a great location for walking to work (apart from the weather forcast).

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