Thursday, August 7, 2014


Well here we are again, off work and recovering from a fractured T12 vertebrae. A compression fracture from falling off the bike nearly 4 weeks ago.  It was a slow pace gentle ride along what turned out to be a slippery board walk. Warren fell from his bike just behind me and in doing so knocked my back wheel tipping me off onto my butt. The impact produced the fracture mentioned above.  Why again? Last November I managed a multi part fracture of my proximal humerus. These are nasty fractures and often take a year to heal but I've been crowing that the recovery has been quicker than that and was back on my bike after 12 weeks. Initially being a bit timid but latterly back to my pre-fracture confidence. I'll not crow this time.

Unfortunately this injury has meant we needed to cancel the 3 week South Island holiday that we had planned to start 26 July but we think we will probably head down there sometime around Easter next year. Looking at the weather forecast we may not have achieved much mountain biking as its been cold, wet and windy but it would have been nice to catch up with family.

This weekend we will need to crack open a wine to celebrate our 20 years together. This time 20 years ago we were sailing home from a 3 month journey to Fiji not realising that our worlds were about to change in a big way. We were home less than a week when we decided to head back to the boat 'Scot Free' and then began permanent life aboard in Auckland's Westport Marina. We both managed to get work in Auckland. Warren briefly as a caretaker for a Motel in Parnell, then as a driver with the Yellow Bus Company and I scored a Charge Nurse Manager role at Auckland City Hospital.  The rest, as they say, is history!

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