Friday, January 28, 2011

On the road again...

Today finds us in Palmerston North on a beautiful day. We spent 3 days with Mum in Tauranga also catching up with Sue and Peter and Anne and Graham and then 2 days with Lynda and Dave in Cambridge. We have stopped in with Warren's cousin Jim and Anne today and plan to leap aboard the Cook Strait ferry tomorrow bound for the South Island.
So far the weather is great, the Mack is going well and we seem to be getting a lot of attention from fellow travellers, particularly truckies.
Laptop battery low so will be back in touch in a day or so.


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  2. Good luck guys, hope the weather holds.

    Still, it wouldn't be the first storm you have seen if it turns, I'll bet.

    Lets hope that a ten ton Mack handles the waves as well as Scott Free :-)
    Take care