Saturday, January 29, 2011

South Island

It’s now a week since I finished work at Whangarei Hospital. A mixture of emotions as there will be people I miss but it was hard not to smile a lot. The thought of change and a new environment both work wise and living seems really attractive.
We left Ruakaka Motorcamp on Saturday morning waking a few campers on the way out no doubt. Mack is going really well.  We’ve stopped off with family on the way through the North Island as noted previously.  All the stops have been really nice with a number of people intending to come south at some time in the next year.  Let’s hope they make it as a year can go really fast and unless plans are put in place then nothing happens.  One night we spent parked in a rest area at the summit of the dessert road and woke to a pink Mt Ruapehu. The mountain looked absolutely beautiful with the morning sun colouring it as though it were painted.
We moved our ferry crossing forward a few days to catch Bruce on his day off next Tuesday and as always with us we are keen to keep going. Driving for just a couple of hours doesn’t seem to be enough in a day.  Maybe remnants of America?  The crossing was very pleasant, calm waters and a warm day made it very nice.

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