Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hail stones

We had hail stones and sun at the same time..

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just catching up with you here. Sounds like a great place. Can't imagine having 5000 acres. Awesome.

    What is Warren up to? I guess that there is a lot of 'tinkering' to do with Dreeem to get her just how you want her?

    I am starting to work on my design for a lightweight pizza oven! I want to 'hang' it off the balcony that we have here, there is a steel beam underneath to it can take a fair bit of weight. I am thinking of having a solid construction floating and surrounded by a compressible insulation so that the heavy bit that gets hot can expand in all directions and just compress the insulation and not crack the exterior. Lessons learned from our 'practice' oven lol!

    We have been 'sub zero' for 120 days here now and this weekend has seen a few degrees above zero! Yeah! Although it mase the bloody roof leak, an 'ice dam' had formed and trapped water finds a way in.....always. Flooded kitchen a bit but no biggie. Need to work out how to stop the ice forming in the first place. I suggested moving to Florida but Cia thought that was a bit overkill......

    See ya in cyberspace!
    Ian and Cia, oh and the sprogs as well.