Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dog of a Kayak for sale

Well here we are about to start another weekend. Our next few months is going to be a bit more subdued after receiving such a big accountants bill this week. We are still training for the rail trail and coping well with either an hour mountain biking or a 20 km metal bike trail each day.  By Easter we should be good to go.
Lasy weekend we attempted a kayak trip down the Oreti River. We had a stiff southerly wind, on the nose of course, and after 2 hours Warren and I decided that we were too cold and tired to go on. Our kayak was handling like a ferro barge.  We were with Edel and Peter in their slim quick kayaks so they carried on to pick up the car and come back to fetch us. We sheltered on the river bank in the cold for another 2 hours before deciding to start walking toward civilisation. A half hour later we had a short ride with the local cops . They stopped to check out two wet miserable ex-kayakers and promised to come back at the completion of their current job and give us a ride in a warm car to town. However as we walked on and just on sunset, we met Edel and Peter coming back to pick us up.  We were all very cold and tired and we developed a pretty good respect for the water and wind temperatures down here. We are certainly rethinking taking our kayak into the Clutha. We finished the evening with fish and oysters and chips and a port. Very nice.
This weekend will see us in Dunedin supporting Gabby swimming in the Otago champs.

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  1. Hey.Well I guess thats the best way to learn is by experience.Pity it was cold tho.Funny I haven,t seen any oysters sent our way but I suppose we will have to come and get them.Good luck to Gabby.Hope you enjoy Dunedin.A&G