Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mack Maintenance

Today Warren finished the water tank repairs. We have had a leak in one of the fresh water tanks for sometime and felt that we needed to attend to it.  The tank is plastic and built to fit around the driveshaft so not an easy thing to get to.  Thanks to true Southland hospitality (special thanks to Neville and Barbara Stirling) we have been able to put DREEEM over a pit, take the tank out, have it plastic welded and return it to it's original position. Warren would say "not that easily" but it's done and now we hold all the water going into the tank instead of loosing lots. We (well Warren) also replaced the radiator fluid with anti-freeze in preparation for colder days.  That means we have spent a few days away from our base in Makarewa but tonight we are back here again, good as new.
Since the last post we have spent  a weekend in Dunedin at the Otago School swimming champs with Gabby. Go Gabby! She did so well!  We  checked out the Cadbury factory while there and also discovered that we know very little of Dunedin so at some stage we will need to go back and explore.  We are only a week away from Easter break and so have been putting in some kms on the bikes getting fit. We will let you know how we go....

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  1. I wonder what split the tank? If the tank is 'outside' so to speak what will happen if it gets really cold, do you think it could freeze? Just made me think when you commented on the Mack antifreeze.

    What caused the biggie from the accountant, I guess your finances have had a major re-juggle this year, as have ours (mostly downwards!) We are still awaiting the outcome about the Capitol gains tax (28%) on the sale of Cia's flat. It all hinges on how the tax man views her status while we were living in the UK/NZ. It could mean a $65,000 bill if it goes horribly wrong. We don't have it (it went into this house), so are ever so slightly bricking it :-)

    Still way too much for me to do here to go away for Easter, although we will mange a night away visiting some friends.

    Have a great time on the bikes over Easter (you mad people!)