Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mustangs and Maple Glen garden tour


If it’s a herd of mustang’s then that’s what we saw last weekend. At least 150 inside  the Velodrome at Invercargill and another 20 or so in the car park outside. What a thrill (for one of us anyway) to see so many beautifully restored and polished Mustangs some of them of the fabulous 60’s era and then progressively through to the 21st century models.  Mostly they were from Mustang car clubs here in Southland, Canterbury and Waikato.  That was Saturday, then on Sunday we visited the Maple Glen gardens east of Wyndham. If ever there was a garden to visit it is this one. I am sure it’s the nicest garden I have ever seen. It was a beautiful day and with Rhododendrums and camellia’s in flower covering 25 acres it was magnificent. I see they have a website so a quick look there is worth while if you can’t get there in person.

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