Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pictures from the weekend

Yesterday was one of those glorious fine Southland days where the air is so clear you can see for miles. We continue to explore the region by car doing day trips as we’re not confident yet to take DREEEM out. The ground around us is drying out nicely but there is more rain coming so it’s safer to stay put for a bit longer.
We went to the Riverton car display and craft market on Saturday. Riverton is a small town on the river mouth on the southern southland coast. The car display was of classic cars – maybe a smaller version of “Beach hop”. Well the amazing thing is that classic cars are cars we have all owned in the past. Of course there was a very strong American car theme down here which suited one of more than the other. Sunday saw us heading to the Gore Rhododendron festival, a picturesque craft day set in the block in the centre of town which is the garden. As Gore is the country music capital of NZ (according to locals) the entertainment was really appealing. With the glorious weather  we decided to head back to the Mavora lakes to take some photo’s. You might remember we tried to get in there in the winter and were blocked by the snow. The extra miles took us past the Air museum just east of Gore where we stopped for a quick look and a lovely lunch. The photo of the train is also taken at this site.
Check out some extra photo’s I have entered in previous entries.

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