Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Rally

Thanks Southland division of the NZ Motor Caravan Association for making our first rally outing a great one.  
We have just returned “home” from a weekend away at the NZMCA Park over property (POP) at Niagara. It’s been a good weather weekend and the rally was our first since we have been down here. Yes, we’ve been here nearly a year but to be fair we were unable to move from our winter pad due to the ground being too wet and soft, then of course it took a few weeks to get our COF. Never mind, they say better to start late than not to start at all.
There were over 20 motor homes attending the 3 day rally and it was a good chance for us to meet other motorhomers from down here in the south. As with all people we have met and interacted with here they were very welcoming and friendly.   We spent much of the weekend meeting and talking to new friends. Morning teas, raffles and happy hours took up the day time and in the evenings we sat around an outdoor fire built in a converted diesel tank.
Only 2 weeks til Xmas break which will see us heading up to Queenstown and thereabouts for about 10 days. Warren is desperately in need of a break from work, he has been reroofing a 24 x 7 metre shed and it’s been a shock after a winter of hibernation.  The list of non aching muscles exceeded the list of aching ones. There were 4 sheets of iron to go on Thursday when he stopped work for the weekend.

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